Cork & Fork Radio

Promotes local businesses and non-profits in the Santa Barbara community. Read more »

Cork & Fork Radio

Host Drew Wakefield & Warren Butler Read more »

Our colorful and stimulating interviews go beyond the ingredients. Read more »

Cork and Fork Radio

Showcasing the Greater Santa Barbara Area in such a way that People Around the World will “Fall in Love” with The Most Majestic City in the Continental United States.

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Cork & Fork Radio is not only about delicious food and wines from the central coast, it's also about the greater Santa Barbara community and the importance of supporting it. From our local businesses to our charities and non-profits, Santa Barbara has a diverse group of people who lead the charge in making Santa Barbara the most majestic city in the Continental United States.

Drew “Mr. Santa Barbara” Wakefield brings his vast experience as a motivational speaker as he hosts a wide range of guests, from the finest of the Central Coast's culinary and wine scene, to the many organizations in Santa Barbara that help people all over the world.

Join us live for an hour of colorful and stimulating radio on KZSB 1290 AM streaming worldwide, every Friday at 12pm. 

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