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Central Coast Food and Wines

September 13

Our in studio guest is Beth Katz. Beth is known as "The Spice Lady." She provides gourmet foods, spices, oils, nuts, dried fruits, meat, dairy products, grains, beans, all food ingredients for commercial kitchens. Beth is an encyclopedia of spice knowledge. Reach Beth at

Then we get Louie Lucas on the phone from Lucas and Lewellen Vineyards. We discuss how certain wines pare with certain spices in foods and how chefs love the creativity of paring. Plus we get an update on the harvest underway at Lucas and Lewellen. Beautiful site at

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September 6

The show opens with Kim Selkoe. Kim is the executive director of Commercial Fishermen Of Santa Barbara. Plus, she manages the Saturday Fishermen's Market at the Harbor.  Always so much going on at the harbor. There's even a new delivery program called, "Get Hooked Seafood." For more info go to

Next we track down Jennifer Walsh from Mesa Produce. Jennifer and Kim compare fishing and farming. Plus, we discuss the new produce at Mesa Produce and Jennifer gives us a great lesson in melon selection. Finally, we decide what to do with a mean rooster. Bet you can guess. Follow Mesa Produce on Facebook and Instagram.

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