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Talk Show Host Drew Wakefield

Drew Wakefield
Talkshow Personality

Drew “Mr. Santa Barbara” Wakefield is a much sought-after Motivational Speaker, Emcee, and Auctioneer who loves his community and calls it “The Most Majestic City in the Continental United States.”

His goal for this show is to Support, Promote, Encourage, and Bless our Local Companies, Charities, Non-Profits, and Community People.

He is Proud to claim his Local Heritage of being a Santa Barbara High School Don, Class of 1978 and for being “Third Generation of Santa Barbara”. Mr. Santa Barbara has helped raise Tens of Millions of Dollars over his lifetime for Churches, Schools, Nor-Profits, and Charities.

One thing is for sure, there will never be a dull moment when Drew is on the Microphone because he brings his Energy, Enthusiasm, and Sports Announcing to what he calls, “An Hour of Total Non-Stop Action with the Most Must Listen to Show in Radio Broadcasting.

Just make sure that you Turn your Radios to KZSB AM 1290 or Listen to our Show on your Computers to AM1290KZSB.COM

Our Live Show Airs every Friday at 12:05pm followed by a Rebroadcast at 10:00pm, Saturdays at 6:00am, and Sunday's at 5:00pm.

John Henigin Santa Barbara

John Henigin
Talkshow Personality

Join host, John Henigin, as he gives him an excuse to be able to humor his uncontainable love for food culture, while also getting to dig deeper into the secrets that make the California coast one of the top destinations of premium wine production today.

Radio never tasted this good. No reservations needed and novices are welcome.

Food and wine is what brings us all together with a shared pleasure. At Cork & Fork Radio, we take you on a journey in every show as we explore the wonderful world of Central Coast food and wine.

Catch some of the interesting developments in local produce and agriculture, hot new restaurants with creative chefs. Unwind as we take you into some of the top vineyards on the Central Coast. Our colorful and stimulating interviews go beyond the ingredients and the grapes and more into the people behind the masterpieces with no “Wine Speaks”. Healthiest and most delicious food and wine are in our own neighborhood.

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